Zola Music Group Is Dead & Buried ?

The lifespan and success of every group is dictated by unity, peace and harmony among members. Zolahood, a group of young and energetic guys from two close areas Zogbeli and Lamakara have gained honour for contributing massively to the growth of entertainment in Northern Ghana. Known for the high level of tolerance and understanding among members in making decisions which has yielded positive results especially in organising productive concerts .
Zola started with Tuba Zak(then Tuuba Buster) and Tap Tax as music duo called “Tuuba Clan” who recorded couple of hits notably “Bon di to” a song that spells out how hard it is to make a living out of nothing.These inspired some of the lads in the area to vie into music birthing the likes of Morgan,Arisky,Flawa Gaskia,Gaffachi,Maccasio, to mention but few.
Zola take much credits for organising the most sold out annual sallah street carnival on the street of Zola and a couple of successful concerts organized across the Region and beyond.

The current situation at Zola is not something pleasant to hear.The unity and understanding that have yielded positive results for the hood is in scuffle.A member of the group(name withheld) confirmed the division in the group . Maccasio,Gaffachi,Arisky and Flawa Gaskia now run their affairs separately and not as a group.Maccasio and Gaffachi are said not to be in good terms, Arisky and Gaffachi parted ways not long ago and most recently Flawa Gaskia and Maccasio. Social media for which artiste under Zola are noted for using to promote projects from the hood is now a zone for throwing jabs to label mates. In a recent facebook post Maccasio accused his colleague artiste of jealousy.Reacting to the “Dagomba girl” hit maker post Flawa Gaskia, descended heavily on him, accusing him of petty and greed.His reactions came as a surprise to some but not all.

Making matters worse is respected guys within the Hood who could have resolve the difference are also victims of the disease.Wadusty,Shatta Wan,Sammy Burniton, Awal Jibreel Jaroon …. have all chosen sides,something that has not been in existence. Shatta Wan was accused by Flawa Gaskia of hacking his Facebook account all in defence of Maccasio. The “All eyes on me” hit maker claim Shatta Wan hacked his account because he publicly spoke about the current Zola bedlam.

This has created mixed feelings within funs and sympathizers of the Hood and can compromise the love shown to the Hood for years.Some have use social media to expressed their displeasure over the feud within the Hood and threaten to retire their love and support for the Label or join other camps that would maintain peace and unity to collectively produce quality entertaining projects for its lovers.

Writer: Prynz Rakib /Ghanatrase.com

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