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It Is Unethical, Rapper S.K.Y Comments On Payola {Video!}

Ghanaian finest rapper, S.K.Y De Tamale Boy privately known as Fuseini Abdul Aziz stated that radio presenters/Djs should not in any way make payola compulsory for musicians before they get their songs played on radio or TV.

S.K.Y De Tamale Boy

Payola” literally means taking money from musicians in order to play their songs on air.

For the past years, payola has been one of the most debatables topics in the creative art industry in Ghana which seems not to stop any time soon.

S.K.Y in his most recent interview with the recurrent host of Entertainment Seat, Dj Krouch on Tawasul Radio in Tamale has taken his bite on the topic of payola, saying that, payola is a challenge confronting the musicians in this part of the world as many including himself usually do not have enough to pay for it which according to him has contributed to his low promotion in recent times.


He further said that the work of a presenter/Dj is to search for good music to play for the listening pleasure of their consumers and supposedly not for the musicians to pay for their songs to be played.

However, the artist believe that a musician can give a presenter a token for appreciation when they will but not to the extent of making it mandatory on everyone in order to get their songs played on their programs.

It is normal for a musician to give a token to a presenter or Dj as an appreciation but for them to ask for payola before they play your song is a bribing” he said

Watch the video below:

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