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Geeface on Fancy Gadam’s EP, sides with people who think it’s a sabotage

Popular TV personality Mohammed Hafiz Geeface has condemned the decision by Fancy Gadam and management to release the 1Don EP amidst IsRahim’s return.

According to the host of Dinchana on NTV, he shared that IsRahim’s Lions King album has not gotten enough promotion and support yet for a bigger brand like Fancy Gadam to think of releasing an EP at the same period.

The development has been a top gossip amongst the core industry players as a number of them think Fancy Gadam’s decision is a calculated attempt to sabotage the Lions King album by IsRahim.

However, Geeface on the night of Tuesday while on his program opened up on his stance on the matter said “…yes I agree with the people who think that Fancy Gadam and team intends to disrupt IsRahim’s album with their 1Don EP, I side with them”

“Fancy Gadam should not always create loop holes for his fans and people who defend his shortcomings, couldn’t they give IsRahim sometime to promote his album before they unveil their EP?” He questioned.

But the question we’re asking is, why Geeface will wait till the EP is unveiled before he condemns it considering how close he’s been to the artist and his management team?

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