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(Full Profile) Meet The RichRapper, Gaffachi

Abdullai Babamu, better known by his stage name Gaffachi Payment was born on March 5th, 1993 in Tamale, Ghana. To his Mother Sanatu and Abdullai his father.

He was raised in Zogbeli located in the Northern Region, Tamale. He spent a lot of time at her grandmother’s home in Zogbeli – Lamankara. As a youth, Gaffachi was a member of the Zolahood, claiming to have been a Hood member since the age of 16. As a teenager He went on to attended Nyohini Presby High School & proceeded to Damango Senior High School.

He was born and raised in a very big family.
His Mom is a trader and Dad is a truck driver.. Tuba, Taptax and Abdul Majeed Waris the Blackstars player who is currently playing for an international club, Fc Porto in Portugal Fc Lorient are His cousins.

Gaffachi Payment was a big fun of music back at his Junior High School days at Nyohini Presby. By then the spotlight of Northern music was on his cousins Tuba Clan… and he was with them each and everyday. Spent time with them in studios and Attended shows with them.. He adopted music from then and recorded his first studio song in 2010.

Growing up as a child his dad was a big fun of music and always play songs of The Reggae legend Bob Marley.. and this makes him addicted to Bob Marley Songs.

He is an unsigned rapper from North. He can do music full-time and focus on evolving his sound and his self, building a team and working more in the community. Most important he is building a fan base. His hope is to get a gift economy in the VERY near future.

He does Hiplife/Hiphop 8years now. He have got 2 albums, Sodi Wa Okp33 Waa and Tamale Yela on His name.
His debut first album Sodi WA Okp33 Waa (Album launched date) received positive reviews from critics and fans.

He has collaborated with Arisky, Tap Tax, Maccasio, Wizchild, and OneNira from Dreamtime.

He is considered to be one of the best MCs and lyricists because he is “armed with sharp metaphors and a smooth flow”, and has been noted for his lyrical style, which often dismisses typical rap story lines in favor of science and wide-ranging philosophies. An analysis of Gaffachi lyrics found that he has the second largest vocabulary in hip hop music. He teamed up with an education group to promote science education in Tamale through hip hop.

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