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Fakari Album Launch Is A Wrong Move For Rastee – Baron De Jarule

Staging of shows are very common and allowed in the entertainment industries across the globe. Shows comes in different forms by artist/management or event organizers.

Few days ago,The New Artist Of The Year at the North East Music Awards (NEMA) 2021,and also Zellies House Entertainment signee Zakaria Abdul Taufik famed as Rastee storms social media with a flyer of his forthcoming show dubbed “Fakari Album Launch“.

The concert is said to unveil his debut album”Fakari Album” come 14th August 2021 at the Walewale Sports Stadium in Walewale,north east part of Ghana.

However,Host of Sagani TV Chop De Mic,Haruna Rahaman popularly known as Baron De Jarule thinks it’s a wrong move for Rastee.

Baron De Jarule

In a Facebook post sighted by Ghanatrase,Jarule aired his view on the up coming Fakari Album Launch with a long essay.

He stated that it’s too early for Rastee to release an album as he’s still new to the game of music and also the venue chosen for the concert is a very wrong decision.

Read exactly what he said:

“In showbiz,before staging a commercial show there are so many things you need to consider before you come into conclusion… Some of the basic things one should consider are:
1. Spotlight
2. Relevance
3.Trends/Response from the audience. After measuring the above mentioned points,then you now choose a venue accordingly.
Let me not talk much,this fourthcoming Album launch concert by this upcoming artist called Rastee is a very wrong move.
Yes,he could stage a show but not at that particular venue (Walewale sports stadium)…
How well is he known as an artist?how many hit songs are in his possession?must he release an album so early?That is cool but at least he could’ve started from somewhere else but not from the venue he and his management chose, that’s sounds odd.
This show can easily kill him musically and even loose those supporting him because at the end of the day if they are unable to meet their target and I foresee it coming from where I’m standing in a sense that the probability of recording very low attendance is very very high. You don’t rush into something just because others are doing it but you should do it when it calls for,when the right time comes.You just won new artist of year at the just ended North east music awards and so that means they have recognized you as a new artist into the system so why the rush ?
How many people will patronize the show because you?,how much will you get at the end of the show?How much will you pay for the venue and other bills? What will be the gate fee ?
I won’t even talk about profit, someone should advice Rastee and his management…

I like his activeness and I will advice him and his team to use this energy they have in organizing this show to do more ether radio and tv promo more , shows will come after the hard work.

He has a good future , As at now he could strategically stages shows in Some part of north east to get himself more fans and more popular so it can help him afterwards.

A word to the wise will be enough.

I come in peace not pieces🙏🙏🙏


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