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DJ Ojah expresses regret for his famous life

Ghana’s finest sound engineer and artists manager, known largely in music as DJ Ojah has expressed his regrets for considering music and showbiz as a career.

In a Facebook post intercepted by Ghanatrase, the street father indicated that his fame brings him only hatred and attacks.

“I have regretted being famous and wish I was just like the ordinary person, the attacks on me are getting too much to bear but Oluwa is involved.” He said

The Deejay and producer also indicated how he has tried so many times to stay out of the grips of fame but had failed.

“I wish no one knew me, I have tried so many times to stay away from the industry but the more I pull myself out the more they pull me in, the fact is I am fed up with this thing calked fame and I don’t need it again” he added

According to DJ Ojah, his only interest now is to be a motivational speaker for the youth.

“All I need right now is to do the work of God and motivate my youth on the street… I believe everyone was created for a purpose” He concluded.

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