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Cheddar Mayne (Profile)

Born Shafique originally on 27th  may 1988  in Tamale, Ghana, to another family of a deprived society of whom he takes so much pride in. Better known by his stage name Cheddar, is a Ghanaian Hip Hop artist,patroit and entrepreneur. Growing up ,his father,a driver on a peasant payroll and mother, a hard working nurse,whom both faced hard times of this life and later separated/divorced . From a broken home this highly talented individual who drives his inspiration from life he is surrounded by made it through to tertiary education,breaking lots of obstacles including surviving all the temptations the street life offered.Attended Dahin Sheli school one of the best schools from his society at that time for his basic education and later made it through, succeeding very well in his basic high examination landing himself a place in a highly privileged school(Prempeh College to be precise) of which was out of his hard work . As a teenager,he first went by the nickname O’Neal by which time he was well known for playing soccer,dancing and doing music before adopting a more common alias, CHEDDAR MAYNE when he finally decided to go by his love for  music and entertainment which has been his passion and motivation since childhood with Pop Legend Micheal Jackson being his childhood role model. Given opportunity to begin Recording he has made vibe with viral songs including WE’RE TIRED, PARTY, MORPHINE & WEED to his credit.He serves his nation patriotically and run North Gear as a private business. Cheddar Mayne is currently not signed to any record label though he has affiliation with hip hop edutainment in New Jersey,USA .He is a solo recording artist with lots of good singles to be released. The emergence of this artist in the Ghanaian music industry promises a new revolution of entertainment especially for Tamale in the Northern part of Ghana where he comes from.


Fb: cheddar mayne

Tweeter: @cheddarmayne

YouTube: cheddar mayne

Whatsapp: +233241531545,+233242254286


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