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Dobble Tee to headline a peace concert in five regions

Ghanaian rapper, Dobble Tee to headline an upcoming ‘Let’s vote’ Peace Concert. As Ghana draws closer to the elections and strains keep ascending, Boss Family in association with Rich Game Entertainment are arranging a Peace concert in the 5 northern regions of Ghana to preach peace for the upcoming 2020 …

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Don Sigli to organise an exclusive listening session for “Pagli” album.

Tuumba Music to put up an exclusive album listening party with selected individuals for their upcoming album called “Pagli” which literary means ‘fog’ On Sunday, August 23, 2020, Tuumba Music shall host an exclusive album listening session for Don Sigli‘s highly anticipated third studio album PAGLI. This follows an invitation …

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Neon Jungle get starstruck

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Garth Greens breaks own ticket record

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